HOST communities

In all university cities you can find our HOST communities, supported by one of our staffs. We gather for meals, other social activities, cultural events, bible studies and so much more. In this way you can find new friends and enjoy a warm community. Besides that we gather nationally for training days and conferences.

Get connected in your city

Our staffs don’t just organize activities. They are there for you if you need coaching, counseling, or pastoral care. They are more than happy to think along with you. They have a lot of understanding of different cultures, and they are very willing to help you with topics you face coming to a new country, dealing with difficulties, basically any question you have about study, life & faith.

Conferences for you!

Do it!

Do it! is our national training day for everyone who is interested in international student ministry. International and Dutch students, trainees, volunteers, people interested in the topic of the day are very welcome to join. Please do sign up and we will be prepared to welcome you. The day is free and lunch is included.

Live it!

Live it! is an annual event for Dutch and international students and is held around Ascension Day. Aim of the conference is to know God in a deeper way. Lectures and workshops are offered and this is all embedded in fellowship and fun.

Leadership training

Theme of the year

As part of IFES Netherlands we have an annual theme. Throughout the year we dive into this theme, discover more about its meaning and its impact on our faith. We do this together with you on our conferences and local workshops. The lessons learned are translated into bible studies for you.

Projects in your city

passion week.

During a passion week there are accessible, relevent and inviting events for you! In this way we create space to talk about life’s big questions, and to discover how Jesus can give purpose to your life. Will we see you at our events?


At Veritas students and experts with various background come together. Together they answer the big questions of life. Will we see you there?


From the beginning of 2020 covid-19 has been dominating our society. Studentlife has changed a lot ever since and as HOST we would like to support you both mentally and practically. One of those ways is a special page where we present to you tips, frequently asked questions and materials. Do you have more questions? Please reach out to us!