Join us

Are you an international student in The Netherlands and do you want to join our community? Or are you a Dutchie looking to become a buddy for an international? Are you interested in international student work and looking to work for us? Or do you just simply like our like our story and want to be involved? Here you can find various ways to join us. We love to welcome you!


One of the ways to join our movement is by starting to work with us. We like to get to know you better, so please reach out to us if you think you can contribute this way.

Become a buddy or get one

Are you new in the Netherlands or are you a Dutchie? As a refugee getting into college or university isn’t easy. Especially learning Dutch. That’s hard to do on you own. That’s where you as a Dutchie come in. Become each other’s buddy, help each other out, and learn from each other.


Do you find our work important, and do you want to contribute to our story in a financial way? For our income we are dependent on gifts and we would love to see your support so we can reach out to more students. Click here button