Fast forward to February 27th and there is one case in the Netherlands. “One case is nothing, there is hope!” Suddenly all that we read about, all that was happening in neighbouring countries was here with us. Lockdown, schools being closed, borders being shut, social distancing from friends and family.

The question about preparedness then comes to mind. How prepared are we for situations like these as believers? With our lives going virtual till further notice, how do we keep going as individuals and a church? It all comes down to our personal relationship with the Lord. It is in this walk with God that we come to understand that nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus (Romans 8:35-39) and by this love we are victorious. This situation has brought a break in many day-to-day activities in our lives, but this should not affect our relationship with the Lord. It is a time to grow stronger in faith and dependence on God.

As a group, the Wageningen Campus Christian Fellowship (WCCF) has continued steadfastly in what we do every week. We have our Friday service as usual on online platforms. Sessions for prayer, sharing of testimony and encouraging each other are going on. As social beings, it is important to keep in contact with each other which this situation has prevented but we do not kowtow to that. About 3 weeks ago, a new initiative by the new executive board to keep the members interactive started. In this interactive session, we have programs like quizzes, discussion of topics (sex, marriage, education) where a panel discusses with us and others to keep members lively. Also, a project called ‘3 people a week’ started about a week ago. This project aims at making members connect more. Members are to connect with 3 people who are not in the same residence with them every week to check up on them and encourage them.

It is our belief that no matter how long this will last (we hope it ends soon), we all will stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Let us all keep hope alive, encourage each other, and keep in mind that this too shall pass! The Lord be with you.

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