The corona pandemic influences us in so many ways. Universities have closed their physical doors and have moved all their classes and activities online. We have to stay home as much as possible. Many international students returned to their home countries to be with their families and try to catch up with the classes even despite the very different time zone. The ones who stayed here are sometimes confused and anxious. Being in another country with a language you don’t speak makes it sometimes hard to understand what is exactly going on. What are the rules we have to keep? I heard stories of students who are afraid to go to the supermarket and just eat whatever they still have at home, and it is now more than ever important to eat healthy. On the other side I am greatly encouraged to see so much creativity is being released and how everybody tries to keep connected via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and so many other ways. Also in our international groups we see that bible studies are still being held, there are online social activities and so on. And it even created new opportunities for students that had already (since some time) returned home to reconnect with the local group again.

And then we celebrated Easter last weekend. Very different from normal maybe. Watching an online church service. Celebrating alone or with a small group of family. Had to smile when I saw a cartoon from The Times with two British police running next to the open tomb with the subscription saying: “That’s one lockdown that didn’t work! Christ is risen!” Yes, thankfully the grave couldn’t hold Him. He was the first to abolish death and, through the Good News, revealed life and immortality (2 Tim. 1:10). As Jesus experienced Himself, life can be very hard but there is hope. God is going to make us and the whole world new. And He didn’t leave us in it alone. As He stated when he departed from this earth: “And remember! I will be with you always, yes, even until the end of age.” His loving presence is a big comfort, the biggest comfort there is.

Stay connected, with Him and with each other. Let us know how we can serve you in this time.

Much love and every blessing,


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