My name is Robert Egwalu, Ugandan by nationality. I came to the Netherlands for the first time when I got a master degree scholarship to study at the International Institute of Social Studies. It was amazing news for me when I got an e-mail from ISS about my offer, deep in my mind I kept wondering how I was going to connect and integrate into Dutch communities in the Netherlands. At church in The Hague, I happened to meet IFES staff. It was such a golden opportunity for me that I was able to widely connect a number of times with students from other institutions around Netherlands and the Hague. They organized get together prayer sessions, dinners for us to connect with each other and I felt this was such a wonderful job that IFES is doing for the student‘s community, especially international students, who are most times filled with lots of anxiety in new environments. IFES staff even took me to his home village. Interestingly the village is more urbanized as compared to ours here in Uganda. I applaud IFES for this initiative and it’s the only way international students can be helped to connect and network with others in a foreign country. My sincere thanks go to IFES for connecting me widely with other students and other professionals in the Netherlands.

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