My name is Pauline Nyamu, a Kenyan living in Nairobi County. Professionally I am a Hydrologist working with Water Resources Authority (WRA). Currently I am also part of the Young Expert Programme (YEP), which is Dutch based attached to a project called BlueDeal in Kenya. While at ICF-Enschede, I learnt about IFES. IFES holds many trainings to International students. I was lucky enough to have been able to attend one of the trainings at Utrecht city. A super interactive session with the international students and the IFES Trainers. We really had fun, sharing together and more so grasping some leadership tips. The memories are still fresh especially when I see the book, ‘A beginner’s guide to Crossing Cultures’ by Patty Lane given as a gift. It talks about making friends in a multicultural world. It is amazing how I keep making friends across borders.

Through IFES, I also met Ernest N. Rugero, Kenyan-Congolese but living in the Netherlands. We met during the training, and having similar passion of mentoring young people led us to constitute a programme called 5G Youth Mentorship that is still developing. The 5G in Youth Mentorship stands for Goal-oriented, Gifted, Growing, Great and Graceful young people. We were able to host a very successful high school career talk and some other mentorship sessions and we look forward to grow impact and change the world in our own small way by God’s grace. Recently I met the IFES Coordinator for Kenya and it was refreshing to hear many stories about international student ministry. The zeal to make students aware about Christian opportunities and fellowships abroad and how to meet fellow Christians around the globe.

This is the bridge that IFES helps people to cross, the feeling of home away from home, and building long lasting connections. IFES makes one feel loved and cared for. I am grateful to know about IFES, meet great people and I look forward to engage more and more. God bless you.

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