Theme of the year

Throughout the year we dive into this theme, discover more about its meaning and its impact on our faith. We do this together with you on our conferences and local workshops.

This year the theme is Fruitful Minority. What does it mean to be part of a minority? Maybe it has been a part of your life in your home country, maybe you experience it for the first time in the Netherlands, being not a part of the Dutch majority here. What does it mean for you? Does it feel okay for you, or does it make you feel shy? Together we think about what is powerful about being part of minority.

Join our discovery

We like to discover this annual theme with you! That is why all our conferences are linked to our annual theme. But there is more! We want to help you to organize bible studies connected to the annual theme. That’s why we develop materials specifically for you!

Previous themes

In the previous years our annual themes were:


Hope: life in an uncertain world


Face to Face: made for real connection


Strength: flourish in the achievement society


Plenty to give: on holistic mission