Passion weeks

Een Passion Week is een week van events op de universiteit en/of hogeschool die open zijn voor iedereen, onafhankelijk van overtuigingen of geloof. Hierbij wordt ingegaan op vragen die er onder studenten zijn over het leven, geloof en God.

In de middag worden de onderwerpen in talks belicht vanuit een christelijk perspectief, waar voldoende ruimte wordt geboden voor een open dialoog hierover tussen christelijke en niet-christelijke of zoekende studenten. Het avondprogramma is qua thema vaak lichter en activiteiten zijn luchtiger, zoals een muziekavond.

Onze passion weeks


About us

As an international student, you come to the Netherlands for a unique experience and to gain knowledge in an unfamiliar environment. You are looking for new friends and a home away from home. You are looking for fun, for a healthy balance in your life, and most of all you want to feel connected to other students. We want to offer a safe setting where you feel welcome regardless your cultural or religious background and where you can drop all your questions. Important values for us are unconditional love, genuine interest, and a respectful attitude.

In all university cities you can find our HOST communities. We gather for meals, other social activities, cultural events, bible studies and so much more. In this way you can find new friends and enjoy a warm community. Also, we can arrange a host family if you are interested to experience Dutch culture.

These communities are supported by our staff. If you need coaching, counseling, or pastoral care, they are happy to think along with you. They have a lot of understanding of different cultures, and they are very willing to help you with topics you face coming to a new country, dealing with difficulties, basically any question you have about study, life & faith.

We hope we can help you to make your time in the Netherlands a wonderful experience!

Our team

Want to know who is part of our staff? Look no further!


HOST is part of IFES Netherlands, which is part of IFES World. Our vision is to see students built into communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel and impacting the university, the church and society for the glory of Christ. IFES World supports locally-led student movements in over 170 different countries.


HOST is part of IFES Netherlands. We believe in students. Students are in a phase of their lives in which a lot of things are not yet determined. Together with others they start a journey, looking for who they are and who they want to become. We want to support them in flourishing, both personally and professionally, by providing coaching and education. Sometimes this is in small ways by focusing on one or a few students, and sometimes in broader ways by targeting large groups. In this way they will be able to expand their impact, based on their personal beliefs, motives and talents. We are doing this based on God’s love and the passion that we have for students.